Should monument honoring Confederate veterans in Forest Park be -

Should monument honoring Confederate veterans in Forest Park be taken down?

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. ( -

St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay has expressed concern over whether it is appropriate to have a statue honoring Confederate veterans in Forest Park.

The 32-foot high granite monument was donated to the city more than 100 years ago and is located on Confederate Drive. The stature reads “In memory of the soldiers and sailors of the southern confederacy.”

To some the statue honors history, but to others it is offensive. The opinions of those who spoke to News 4 were split.

“I think it being in a public park is perfectly acceptable in my opinion,” said one man.

“It should be something more patriotic other than something Confederate. How does it make anybody of my color feel?” said Don Allen.

“It doesn't bother me to the point whether it's going to change me coming out to enjoy the park and all it has to offer. But I don't like what the statue represents,” said Gregory Gray.

On his blog, Slay has called on various groups including the Missouri History Museum and Forest Park Forever to examine whether the statue should stay or go.

“Maybe it stays the same. Maybe it goes someplace else. Maybe the recommendation is to keep it where it is, but include some other things and put some context around it,” said St. Louis Human Services Director Eddie Roth.

What the statue represents and how it is perceived are questions that will be discussed by those who will decide whether the statue will stay or go. Slay is also asking whether the name of the street the statue is on, Confederate Drive, should change.

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