New warehouse for GM plant could bring more jobs to Wentzville -

New warehouse for GM plant could bring more jobs to Wentzville

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Hundreds of new jobs may be coming to Wentzville after it was revealed a warehouse might be built next to the General Motors (GM) plant.

Kansas City area based Northpoint Development is planning to build a 1.3 million square foot warehouse on a 132 acre plot of land next to the GM plant. Northpoint is hoping to build a facility that would be a warehouse and optimization center tied to the plant. The project has yet to be officially approved or finalized. It is estimated to cost more than $50 million.

“I think it is fancy word for sub assembly of parts. They would bring in various parts which would be assembled together in units and then those units would be shipped over to the plant,” said Wentzville Director of Development Dan Land.

Land said the new facility would free up more space at the GM plant itself.

“They need more plant production space. Some of it is being done inside the plant now, but they want to expand their production capability within the plant and in order to do that, they need to free up space,” Land said.

The project still needs final approval from GM. Wentzville's aldermen are expected to vote soon on a plan to issue bonds to help finance construction. The company and city are still negotiating a final deal. Northpoint wants Wentzville to annex the site where the warehouse would sit.

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