Suspect attacks, mugs woman minutes after downtown car accident -

Suspect attacks, mugs woman minutes after downtown car accident

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. ( - A 22-year-old woman was involved in a minor traffic accident downtown just blocks off of Washington Avenue on Sunday night. Minutes later, she was attacked.

The victim had just pulled over to the curb on Convention Plaza at Tucker Blvd and exited her vehicle following the accident when she was punched and robbed.

"It's kind of shocking that someone would do that to somebody who is already in such a state," said Joshua Davis, a downtown resident.

While the woman was waiting near the curb, a van not involved in the accident pulled over. A woman came out of the van, fought the victim for her purse and punched her in the face.

Downtown residents told News 4 that while the incident is alarming, they were not surprised.

"A lot of the people come here and prey on the people downtown because they figure, you know, that's where all the money is," said Jay Black, who lives downtown. "So [they are] going to come down here. Whether it's breaking into cars, whether it's mugging this person, or that person."

Police provide regular patrols in the area, but the officer stationed in the area was too far away to see the crime.

"In the downtown area lately, people are getting killed. People are getting robbed. All this foolishness, there's no need for it," said Black.

The only information on the suspect's vehicle is that it was a van that made a U-turn and was last seen fleeing on Tucker.

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