Ameren Illinois prepares year-round for spring storms -

Ameren Illinois prepares year-round for spring storms

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BELLEVILLE, Ill. ( – Officials with Ameren Illinois spoke with News 4 about how they prepare for severe weather striking the area.

Officials with Ameren said they watch KMOV meteorologists to decide when workers should be ready. Once a severe storm is forecasted, depending on the severity, outside linemen could be brought in.

If there is a widespread power outage, Ameren uses a portable substation which can help nearly 6,000 customers receive power.

Ameren officials said they plan all year for spring storms, which is why they spend nearly $50 million trimming trees across the state.

“That makes a huge difference when storms do roll through because that's less surface area for high winds to push over and get into our thing,” said John Barud, with Ameren Illinois.

Officials warn against touching any wires that are on the ground. They said to also assume the wires are a downed power line and to call Ameren for assistance.

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