Metro East mother: My autistic son is being bullied, school dist -

Metro East mother: My autistic son is being bullied, school district won't stop it

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Parents of students in the Gillespie School District said their kids are being bullied and they believe the district is doing nothing to stop it.

A mother spoke to News 4 about the type of bullying her autistic son has experienced. She did not want to be identified for fear of retaliation by teachers or students.

“I am afraid for my son. Last year he wanted to kill himself because of the bullying. He's not the only one,” the mother said. “In the school, papers are being ripped, kids are being punched, shoved, and stabbed with pencils. Kids are being cussed out. A lot of things are going on in a zero tolerance zone.”

The mother said teachers are doing nothing to stop the bullying.

“They are not punishing the students, they are not stopping this as it happens. They say they don't see this as it happens,” the mother said.

The district's superintendent said the district has a zero tolerance policy for bullying, but did not talk about specific allegations of bullying.

Police told News 4 they are investigating a recent case of bullying but did not provide further information because the case involves a minor.

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