Many parents angry after felon is elected to Wentzville School B -

Many parents angry after felon is elected to Wentzville School Board

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Many parents in the Wentzville School District leveled their anger at district officials Monday for not revealing the fact that a newly elected school board member has a criminal past.

“This is not about what happened 11 years ago, this is about what happened two weeks ago,” said one parent who spoke before the school board.

Many parents who spoke before the Wentzville School Board used words such as character, integrity, and trust when they criticized the election of Michael Feinstein. Feinstein was elected to the school board April 7. He was convicted for stealing from his employer in Iowa in 2004.

“To keep voters in the dark about this just before the polls closed is quite frankly a cover up,” said one parent.

Feinstein admitted to breaking the law when he spoke to News 4's Ray Preston.

“I didn't deny it. It's an unfortunate part of my past, it was 11 or 12 years ago and I've chosen change who I am as a person,” Feinstein said.

Under Missouri law, Feinstein is allowed to keep his seat on the school board because his conviction occurred out of state.

“He's been an engaged and active parent. He's been really involved in charity work, he's highly informed about the challenges we face as a district,” said one a Feinstein supporter.

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