New construction project in St. Peters promises headaches for dr -

New construction project in St. Peters promises headaches for drivers

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( – A new road construction project has started in St. Peters and will include daily lane closures and one lane in each direction on Mid Rivers Mall Drive.

Karen Conant, the owner of Mexico Road Florist, says she has been tweeting and posting to keep customers informed of the construction outside her front door.

“[It's] a lot of chaos,” Conant said. “We have a really strong email list. We have a strong presence on Facebook. We twitter so we've been tweeting things.”

Construction crews will be repairing and repaving Mid Rivers from Mexico Road to St. Peters Howell Road. A span of about one mile.

“The contractor will focus their replacement efforts on the outside lanes, leaving the inside lanes open to they're always maintaining traffic in both directions,” said St. Peters Director of Transportation Burt Benesek. “And then once work is done on the outside lanes, they'll move over to the inside lanes. They'll switch traffic to the outside. Again, traffic is always open in both directions.”

Officials in charge of the project will be using the St. Peters website, press releases, and message boards to update drivers on changes.

“I feel confident the city is doing their best to do what they can do to make the traffic flow smoothly,” Conant said. “But we have to do our part too. It's paying attention and knowing what's going on.”

City officials say drivers can expect lane closures on weekdays from 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. They may also do overnight work as well. The project is expected to last until fall.

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