Many local small business owners having trouble filling job open -

Many local small business owners having trouble filling job openings

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Many local small business owners told News 4 they are having trouble filling job openings even though they have been making it known they are hiring.

Linda Clay, who owns two Subway restaurants, said she her restaurants have many open positions. Some pay $10-$15 per hour, others pay $600-$700 per week. Clay said she is having trouble finding applicants even though she advertises in the stores' windows, online, and at colleges. She said other business owners are telling her the same thing.

“If you drive up and down out here and Manchester, go up to Chesterfield Valley, you will see ‘Now Hiring' signs everywhere,” Clay said.

Another business owner told News 4 the same thing. Clay said the lack of workers is taking a toll on her family and her staff.

“It's been stressful, I'm not going to lie. It's been hard,” said Subway manager Eddie Hart. “I really have no social life. I just work and sit at home and wait for the phone ring, which is pretty much every day right now.”

An expert who works with an agency that trains workers told News 4 many business owners have to look in the right places to find workers who are right fit, even though a large number of people are looking for work.

The expert said transportation challenges, such as living far enough away where the commute is long, can make someone the wrong fit.

“You gotta find out in that community who is unemployed there, and do the outreach in those communities to get those people there,” said Michael Holmes, the Executive Director of SLATE.

SLATE said unemployment benefits pay around $244 per week, but end after 20 weeks.

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