City of Pine Lawn looks ahead after former mayor pleads guilty t -

City of Pine Lawn looks ahead after former mayor pleads guilty to extortion charges

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PINE LAWN, Mo. ( - After Pine Lawn's then-Mayor Sylvester Caldwell pleaded guilty to extortion charges, some city officials were shocked, but determined to move forward as a city.

"Obviously it's sad to know that [Caldwell is] a guy who grew up in Pine Lawn, who loved the city," said Pine Lawn Spokesman Lou Thimes Jr. of Caldwell's guilty plea. "It's kind of an ugly end to a great story."

Thimes worked with Caldwell for ten years and said the charges against Caldwell were hard to believe at times.

"I'm still thinking there has to be some huge explanation for this that hasn't been known. There's some huge story behind this that says it's not true, it's not true, it's not true," said Thimes.

Despite the problems with Caldwell and the charges against him, the city says they are prepared to deal with the changes in their leadership. The Board of Aldermen will lead the city for the time being.

"You've got a board president who basically assumes the role of leadership on the board, and you've got 8 aldermen that are still, until otherwise determined, doing their jobs," Thimes said.

The city has not yet had the chance to explore the option of a special election.
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