Granite City schools to implement cuts after tax hike is rejecte -

Granite City schools to implement cuts after tax hike is rejected

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The superintendent of the Granite City School District said deep and unpopular cuts will be made to the district's budget after voters rejected an 80 cent tax increase on April 7.

Superintendent Jim Greenwald said the school board has done a good job to make cuts to keep the budget in check, but now says every area of the budget is on the table, including items that parents will not want to see slashed.

“Class sizes will be affected, I would not be truthful with you if I told you they were not going to be affected,” Greenwald said. “We're trying to stay poised, calm, and focused to try to make some creative cuts.”

A member of the Madison County Board told News 4 it is sometimes difficult for voters to understand the importance of funding education because they can't see the benefits like they would with a new road or building.

“People are looking in their pockets right now and not looking down the road,” said Madison County Board Member Art Asadorian. “Without a strong school system, you don't have a strong community.”

Many people feel the closing of Granite City Steel may have been a contributing factor to proposal failing.

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