Concern grows over street racing in north St. Louis -

Concern grows over street racing in north St. Louis

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Many who work in an industrial area in north St. Louis said they are worried about drag racing that is occurring on certain nights.

Workers in the area told News 4 that people race cars on Hall Street near the intersection of Adelaide. The races often take place on Sunday nights. Kevin Norman, who works nearby, said he is concerned someone will get injured or killed.

“They can get can hit by a car, they could get run over and anything they have big crowds gathering as well they may want to approach them and say clear the parking lot. If they don't want to do that, something could happen as well,” Norman said.

Norman said when police are called, the racers leave the area but return after police leave and resume racing.

“I wish they would patrol the area more or maybe come out and hang out in the parking lot. They know they are coming, just wait on them and maybe eventually they will get the news and not come back,” Norman said.

St. Louis Police said nobody was available to comment on this story.

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