Is a property tax hike coming in St. Charles County? -

Is a property tax hike coming in St. Charles County?

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ST. CHARLES, Mo. ( -

Property values in St. Charles County have risen by five percent but the county assessor says that does not necessarily mean property taxes will rise.

Shortly, around 160,000 mailers will go out across St. Charles County with property value re-assessments. Residents in the Wentzville School District saw their property values rise the most, followed by those who live in the boundaries of the Francis Howell and Fort Zumwalt Districts.

Some residents believe the current property tax rate has been reasonable, others are concerned that a rise in value will mean a higher rate. Those who disagree with the county's assessment often hire valuation services, companies that charges a fee to help consumers determine if they're overpaying their tax bill because their property is overvalued.

St. Charles County is asking those who hire valuation services to think twice.

“If you think your value is overstated, come in and talk to one of our review appraisers or visit our website. We've got a lot of information out there, you can get better information than what any of these valuation services are going to give you. Our information is free,” said St. Charles County Assessor Scott Shipman.

Shipman said information used by valuation services has little relevancy to actual market value. Shipman also said his office will turn over property values to the various tax districts within St. Charles County. Those districts determine property tax rates.

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