Detectives investigate burglaries near Big Bend and Barrett Stat -

Detectives investigate burglaries near Big Bend and Barrett Station Road

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Detectives are checking to see if there's a connection between three recent burglaries in southwest Kirkwood and a nearby area of unincorporated St. Louis County.

All three are in neighborhoods near Big Bend and Barrett Station road and have a history of low crime.

"I feel very safe in this neighborhood. Have we started putting on our alarm, yes," resident Sharon Danyluck told News 4.

Jewelry was taken in the first burglary on March 28 and both jewelry and cash were stolen when a burglar broke into second home on April 5. Residents say a burglar got into a third house but may have been scared away because nothing was taken.

Kirkwood Police say the close proximity to I-270 might be why these neighborhoods have been hit recently.

Residents tell News 4 that these neighborhoods rarely see crime but now they're on edge.

"Obviously has us locking our doors and checking outside a little bit more often, if somebody's unusual in the neighborhood we're watching out for that now a little bit more," said resident Don Fricken.

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