Two men shot just south of downtown St. Louis Thursday night -

Two men shot just south of downtown St. Louis Thursday night

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Two men were shot inside their cars Thursday night in an area that's experiencing an increase in violence.

The shooting occurred on Park Avenue, near 11th street in South City. Very close to where a triple shooting left two dead and one injured on March 30.

Residents are now worried about the safety of the once family friendly neighborhood. For friends of Angelica Wysinger, a light pole now packed with balloons and teddy bears is a sign of just how many people loved her.

"I've never known her to do anything to anyone for them to end her life savagely like that,” said Rachel Johnson.

Less than two weeks after her death, authorities are now investigating another shooting in the neighborhood. Two men were taken to the hospital on Thursday night. One of them sustained gunshot wounds to the leg and back, the other to the arm.

"I really don't know what's going on. It just turned up out the blue out of nowhere. All this stuff started happening. Kids can't even play outside. I don't even bring my son down here no more,” said Errol Isom, a friend of Angelica's.

It's not just residents who are alarmed by the increasing violence.

"The summer hasn't even hit yet and we know that we normally see an increase in the summer, during the summer time so we really have to muscle some resources right now to get this under control,” said Lewis Reed, St. Louis Board of Alderman President.

Reed's office is reaching out to the Department of Justice for more helpful resources.

"From funding of programs to lending us personnel to be able to be address some of these things on a case by case basis so at the end of the day we have a safer city for the residents that live here,” Reed said.

Meanwhile, Reed's encouraging residents to do their part by communicating with each other and the police. Something some residents say they'd also like to see.

"I think it starts with the people that's actually out in the streets,” Isom said.

News 4 reached out to the police department about the investigation but have yet to hear back.

A Stop the Violence rally is scheduled for Saturday afternoon at Penrose Park.

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