Mobile home park residents hope to avoid another round of floodi -

Mobile home park residents hope to avoid another round of flooding, evacuations

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VILLA RIDGE, Mo. ( - For the past two days, storms in the area have caused  Pin Oak Creek in Villa Ridge to flood and threaten mobile homes on its banks.

On Tuesday, Sleepy Hollow Mobile Home Park was swamped with water from the creek, damaging mobile homes and forcing evacuations.

"Hopefully it doesn't get too bad, maybe it'll hit there and stop the flood itself," said Chris Brueckner, a resident.

In anticipation of additional storms Thursday, some residents are bracing for the worst and others are getting out before any storms hit.

"The raging waters worry me to death because of the three-year-old, you know, if he go into that he'd be gone," said Kathy Rice, a parent of a resident with young children. Rice helped her son and his family move out of Sleepy Hollow this week to another mobile home park that does not have a creek.

A new temporary bridge is getting blame from some residents for causing the water to back up. Devin Madsen took action when he saw debris was restricting the flow of water through pipes in the bridge to a small amount.

"A couple of inches or so, [water was] barely flowing ht rough and now at least it's halfway up the pipe and has more water flow," said Madsen.

Only one road goes out of the Sleepy Hollow neighborhood and flooding has made it nearly impassible. A crew from Ray Boston Excavation worked on repairs to the road, even though storms on Thursday could do the same damage.
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