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Split decision on Fort Zumwalt spending propositions

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O'FALLON, Mo. (KMOV.com) - Voters within the Fort Zumwalt School District have approved Proposition A, but not Proposition B. The results mean the district will be able to construct new buildings, but there will not be funding to hire new teachers.

One district official said people voted with their pocketbooks in the election, deciding to pay for one of the propositions, but not both.

Some parents with children in the district are concerned the failure of Prop B will make class sizes too large.

Ann Fairchild, a parent, said the classrooms are currently a decent size, but if they get too much larger, it would be harder for children to get one-on-one attention from a teacher if needed.

Prop B would have provided funding for the district to hire three dozen new teachers, many of whom would teach technology.

Superintendent Dr. Bernard DuBray of Fort Zumwalt School District said the elementary students are in need of computer literacy training that is not currently being provided.

With 18,000 students and almost 1,400 teachers, Fort Zumwalt is one of the largest districts in the area.

There will not be any lay-offs due to the failure of Prop B, but Dr. DuBray said teachers who resign or retire may not be replaced.

By voting in favor of Prop A, citizens approved a no tax increase bond issue and that money will go toward building an early childhood education facility and to repair and upgrade current buildings within the district. 
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