Country Club Hills police officer who has restraining order agai -

Country Club Hills police officer who has restraining order against him still on duty

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Strapped with a gun on his hip, Country Club Hills police officer Jerry Dowell is on the streets, patrolling the same neighborhood where he's accused of threatening to harm his landlord.

“I told the judge that I felt threatened by Dowell,” said Michael Blair, Dowell's former landlord.

A judge granted Blair's request for a full order of protection against Dowell based on the alleged threats the officer made against Blair. The order allowed Dowell to move next door to his old house, but requires him to stay 25 feet away from Blair.

“He was back on the street the same day with his gun. The same day he got a full order of protection he was right next to my property with a gun,” Blair told me. “You tell me how you would feel.”

Blair also showed News 4 phone video he shot of Dowell and another officer in uniform inside Blair's property without the landlord's permission. Blair says they were apparently trying to retrieve some of Dowell's personal property after a judge ruled against Dowell.

Country Club Hills Police Chief Clifton Ware defended having Dowell back on the street with his gun.

“It was a landlord-tenant dispute, not a domestic situation,” Chief Ware said. Under Missouri law, Dowell isn't banned from having a gun on the job if it stems from a landlord-tenant disagreement because it's not considered “domestic.”

At Dowell's new home, located right next to the one he rented from Blair, there's a vehicle with Illinois plates registered to Dowell. According to Illinois state records, Dowell claimed to live in Cahokia, but the landlord doesn't remember renting to Dowell, and the woman who lives there has called the Cahokia house her home for the last six years.

In 2013, the police chief issued a memo calling attention to officers who did not have their personal vehicles properly registered and licensed. He told his officer they are not exempt or above the law, and that it's highly unethical for them to write tickets for such violations when they themselves are in violation of the same laws.

Country Club Hills' police chief and mayor declined to comment in detail about Dowell. The mayor said he would respond after the election tomorrow.

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