Man accuses Cahokia city worker of pulling a gun on him -

Man accuses Cahokia city worker of pulling a gun on him

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A man said a Cahokia city worker pulled a gun on him before police wrote him a ticket.

Paul Culley said the saga began when a Cahokia city worker from the Code Enforcement officer drove up to his home and began taking pictures of the front of his property before leaving. Culley said the worker then returned.

Culley said he was cutting down limbs in his yard when the city employee drove up in a Cahokia School District truck and refused to stop taking pictures of the front yard.

“I believe he was taking pictures of the sign that in my yard of the politician I am voting for,” Culley said. “He wanted me to remove the tree limb away from his window and that's when he pulled a gun.”

Culley told News 4 Cahokia police then showed up and wrote him a ticket for disorderly conduct. However, Culley said Cahokia's police chief came to him home with a copy of the ticket and said he would speak to city worker who allegedly pulled the gun.

“The chief came by and apologized for how the situation went down, which I appreciate,” Culley said.

News 4 tried to track down the city worker but Cahokia City Hall was closed Monday due to Easter. Police said Cahokia's police chief was out of town and was not available to comment.

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