Alderman says illegal dumping is an epidemic -

Alderman says illegal dumping is an epidemic

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NORTH ST. LOUIS ( - Alderman Sam Moore of the 4th ward said illegal dumping is a major issue in his north St. Louis neighborhood.

News 4 found chairs, couches, tires and even doors piled in some alleys.

“It trashes out the community. It makes the community look bad. We are already littered with empty buildings, now we have a trash problem,” said Alderman Moore.

Dominic Slack spent Monday cleaning up the intersection of Whittier and Dr. M L King Drive. “I used to be a litter bug myself, I would go to the store, get some candy, eat the candy and throw the paper on the ground.

“You're going to get caught and you're going to get fined and there are consequences to throwing that trash out and eventually you will get caught,” said Moore.  
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