Congressional Black Caucus encouraging Ferguson residents to vot -

Congressional Black Caucus encouraging Ferguson residents to vote

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Ferguson City Hall Ferguson City Hall

FERGUSON, Mo. ( – Members of the Congressional Black Caucus held a major “Get Out The Vote” effort in Ferguson over the weekend.

Congressman Clay, and members of the Congressional Black Caucus, went door-to-door urging residents to vote. The group also reminded residents that the city council is charged with hiring the people responsible for running the city and enforcing its laws.

“Local government plays a role in people's daily lives and part of the problem here in Ferguson, local government was not reflective of the entire community,” said Clay.

Eight people are running for the three city council seats that are up for grabs. The members of city council will be responsible for hiring a new city manager and police chief.

“I think we've done the job of educating the public,” Clay said. “The city council and mayor select the manager, the chief and institute the policies that govern their cities.”

According to the election director in Ferguson, fewer than 600 people have registered to vote since August. Ferguson's population is more than 21,000, however, less than 9 percent turned out to vote in April 2012.

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