Neighbors detain runaway drivers until police arrive in north St -

Neighbors detain runaway drivers until police arrive in north St. Louis

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( – Residents in north St. Louis detained the suspects who hit a pedestrian with his vehicle and crashed into a home until police arrived.

“I heard a loud noise and then I heard an explosion, like a bomb going off when they hit the brick. It sounded like a bomb,” said Willie Guyton, the owner of the home that was hit by the car. Guyton was working in his backyard when the suspect crashed through the front of his house. “I would have been killed because he knocked the wall all the way back in the room.”

After the suspects crash, they attempted to flee, but Guyton's neighbors stepped in to help. “She and her sons got up and caught them and had to rough them up a little bit to hold them until police came.” Police arrested the driver.

Guyton lives at the corner of Penrose and Warne Avenue and says this is not the first time his home has been hit by a car. Back in the fall of 2014, another car crashed through his home. Guyton says enough is enough.

“Last fall, they just knocked the door in, that's all. I got a bad spot. I'm going to contact my Alderman to see if we can put up some kind of barricade,” Guyton said. “I'm a Vietnam veteran, a twenty year military man. I'm not going to be running away from this stuff.”

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