Road barricades may be installed in north St. Louis neighborhood -

Road barricades may be installed in north St. Louis neighborhood to fight crime

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Residents in St. Louis' 27th Ward are considering placing roadblocks on Arlington Road to cut down crime.

Resident Basir Rodney said he and others want to turn to turn around a high crime neighborhood.

“In a neighborhood where you don't have control of your own streets then obviously outsiders and other groups will come and sue the streets to their advantage,” said Rodney.

27th Ward Alderman Chris Carter is trying to have barriers placed on Arlington Road.

“We tend to have a lot of speeding traffic in different parts of the neighborhood. Of course it brings added danger and risk to children who may be playing in the street,” Rodney said.

Carter had a barricade placed on Emerson. He said he is looking to put up more barricades in the ward. Carter told News 4 he is tired of criminals speeding through the neighborhood, dropping off trash, picking up drugs, and hurting the community.

One resident told News 4 he does not believe a barricade will make a difference.

“I mean what is it stopping? Somebody can do a drive by. That's going to stop anybody, you can't stop anybody with that. Killings are everywhere,” resident James Nelson said.

A woman who lives on Highland near Kingshighway said gates were added to her neighborhood in 2013 and have made a big difference.

“It slowed down traffic and made it a lot safer,” said Ab Campbell.

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