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7 vehicles crash, multiple injuries on Highway 47 Thursday afternoon

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(KMOV.com) – Firefighters and first responders say multiple vehicles collided on Highway 47 and Cherry resulting in three separate car accidents one after another on Thursday.

Thursday afternoon, first responders were working a three vehicle accident when two pick-up trucks collided as officials were clearing the scene. Shortly after that accident, two other vehicles crashed resulting in the third accident.

“We were preparing to leave [and] a head-on collision occurred right in front of our firefighters,” said Lincoln County Fire Marshall Barry Nuss. “There was another rear-end collision 50 yards away.”

In total, three separate accidents involving seven vehicles occurred one after another on Highway 47. Ten people were involved and four were transported to a local hospital with moderate to minor injuries. However, Nuss says scenes like this aren't uncommon.

“It's actually more common than many people think. When we go out to a motor vehicle accident and have that traffic congestion, unfortunately people are in a hurry and are trying to see what they can see at the accident. They aren't paying attention to their driving,” Nuss said.

The accidents happened near “Tammy's Natural Essentials” and the owner, Tammy Smith, says on Highway 47 there is no room for error.

“There are some parts of [Highway] 47 where there isn't any room for error. The roads are narrow and you just have to be really careful,” Smith said. The winding, hilly, two-lane highway crisscrosses Lincoln County and can be extremely dangerous if drivers are not paying attention.

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