North County residents fearful after neighborhood home shot up -

North County residents fearful after neighborhood home shot up

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A North St. Louis County family received an unwelcome surprise when the sun rose to show more than half a dozen bullet holes in the front of their home after hearing gunshots in the middle of the night.

Just last week, the same neighborhood west of the UMSL campus was the scene of another shooting investigation.

"Wow, unbelievable. I mean, it's very, very scary," said "Larry," a resident who did not want his face to be shown on camera. "Anyone with any kind of intelligence wouldn't want to be seen on camera because of the simple fact of retaliation… you could be the next victim."

Larry has lived in the neighborhood where the shootings occurred for years and while several of Larry's neighbors told News 4 they believe the shootings were isolated incidents and they feel safe in their neighborhood, they also refused to go on camera. Larry said his neighbors are also scared.

"Here's a guy not messing with anyone, just an ordinary joe, if that can happen to him… obviously if anyone speaks out about it, they are going to get some retaliation," Larry said. "It's definitely getting worse.

According to Larry, there was even a rolling gun battle through the neighborhood several months ago.

"Everything from drug dealing to prostitution, people just loitering around the lot… I mean, the crime at the Hanley MetroLink… this environment in this community in North County has just become unbelievable.

Despite moving to his current neighborhood to get away from crime and because it seems like a family-friendly area, Larry is now thinking about moving again.

St. Louis County Police believe the shooting of the house was a random incident and said the area gets frequent patrols.

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