Garage break-in part of recent crime trend in Dogtown -

Garage break-in part of recent crime trend in Dogtown

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Residents of Dogtown said a garage break-in is one part of a rising crime trend in the historic neighborhood.

Resident Teresa Boyd said a neighbor who lives on Crescent Avenue near Hampton had her garage broken into. The break-in occurred around 6:30 p.m. Tuesday. Another break-in occurred a few days earlier at a home on Garner.

“Bikes and lawn mowers are being stolen,” said Boyd.

Some residents believe neighborhood crime is rising for a specific reason.

“You do not see patrol cars like you used to in this neighborhood like you used to,” said resident Dan McDermott. “You used to be able to walk down the street and see at least one or two of them.”

McDermott's complaint is common in Dogtown. Residents believe fewer officers have been in the neighborhood since St. Louis Police re-organized their districts in 2014.

Several months ago, Dogtown residents formed neighborhood watch citizen patrols to help police catch criminals.

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