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Local business owner says Anthem hack led to worse troubles for him

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A Brentwood business owner who was a victim of the Anthem hack believes his stolen information was used for tax and credit card fraud.

John Stephens, who owns Pulse Productions, said his troubles started when he received a letter from the State of Michigan saying someone filed his state tax returns. He then received a letter from Anthem and the IRS. Stephens insures his employees with Anthem.

“Fake tax returns in multiple states. I think this leads back to the Anthem data breach,” Stephens said. “I was trying to the do the right thing. I've got a small company with 12 employees and every full time employee gets health insurance from the company. I went with a big time company and this is what happens.”

The head of the IRS said it is too early to whether there is a direct link between tax identity theft and the Anthem data breach.

Stephens said it has been very difficult to get answers from Anthem.

“They explain all these different people that I need to contact,” Stephens said. “Then I'm supposed to write a letter to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Why do I have to do this? Shouldn't the responsible parties, in this case Anthem, be doing that for me?”

Stephens said he is also dealing with a credit card hack attempt and unusual credit inquiries on an almost daily basis.

“This could be tens of thousands of dollars of my time to correct something that was not my fault at all,” Stephens said.

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