Surveillance cameras capture ransack of smoke shop -

Surveillance cameras capture ransack of smoke shop

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Thieves threw a brick through the window of a High Ridge business, crawling in through the hole and robbing the store in an incident the owner called heartbreaking.

"When Eric got here that morning and saw the window broken, it just hurt, it hurt very badly," said Christina Kroening, owner of smoke shop Outlaw Tom's.

Kroening was in disbelief after she saw surveillance footage of burglars rummaging through the shop she named after her father.

"It was absolutely heartbreaking. I don't know if I have a whole lot of friends in this world, but I don't have any enemies," Kroening said. "We have every single dollar we have invested in this and 120 percent of my heart. I loved my dad. My dad was Tom and he was my best friend."

The burglars took thousands of dollars in pipes and other merchandise from the store, leaving the shop, and Kroening, with a looming financial responsibility.

"There's no money for us out of the store yet, we're still getting our foothold and that makes it even more challenging, because now we're a couple thousand dollars behind," said Kroening. "I can't raise prices because of customers, we would lose them."

The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office is investigating the case, but no arrests have been made yet.

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