Rep. Bost joins fight to save Granite City steel jobs -

Rep. Bost joins fight to save Granite City steel jobs

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United States Representative Mike Bost, who represents Illinois's 12th district, met with executives, unions and workers at the U.S. Steel Plant, discussing how to keep what he called good-paying jobs for the plant's workers.

Beginning May 28, company executives will begin temporary layoffs of the plant's 2,100 workers.

Rep. Bost voiced his intent to back federal legislation to protect Granite City and steel workers in the United States from practices by foreign steel suppliers which Rep. Bost calls "illegal."

"[The legislation] allows our agencies that control the trade in this nation to put tariffs in place if these activities were to occur and they could prove that the nations were putting themselves at an advantage over our workers," said Representative Bost.

Don Kupinski, who works at the plant, said he hopes he and other workers will be back to work as soon as possible. Kupinski also wants the federal government to stop importing cheaper steel from foreign competitors.

Bost said he hopes Illinois lawmakers will ensure Granite City steel workers receive unemployment benefits immediately once the layoffs become effective.

U.S. Steel executives have not said how long the plant shutdown will last. News 4 will continue to follow any developments involving U.S. Steel.

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