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Employees of local gym that's closing allegedly urged to sign up new members

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ST. LOUIS (KMOV) - Employees could soon be out of job and customers out big money as news that a South City gym will soon close its doors. But the big question is when?

For now the doors remain open at Blast fitness in South St. Louis but no one knows for how long.

“None of us received any notice that they were closing, I heard it on Facebook,” said Paul Williams, a customer of the gym for nearly six months.

No signs on the doors and no letters have been sent to customers, Williams went in on Friday to try to cancel his membership.

“They said it will take about 30 days to cancel the membership,” he said.

An employee said they could close next month or tomorrow, because when News 4 went to get answers from the gym, employees said they were in the dark just like the customers.

“It's kind of stressful especially as a college student because this is my means of income right now,” said Nick Vitale, an employee at Blast.

The employees are the ones facing the brunt of customer questions, and have been told to give out a form with the corporate company's information. Employees also tell News 4 they're being urged to keep signing up new members. But employees like Vitale say they're not doing that.

Customers like Williams want to know if they'll get their money back if the gym closes sooner than expected.

“I don't want to be charged for something I'm not using,” said Williams.

Multiple calls and emails went unanswered to the company based in Massachusetts.

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