St. Louis Crisis Nursery provides safe place for children -

St. Louis Crisis Nursery provides safe place for children

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By: Emily Rau / News 4

ST. LOUIS ( – The St. Louis Crisis Nursery provides a safe place for children, age newborn to age 12, to stay when their families are in crisis. With the mission to prevent child abuse, the Nursery staff says helping parents navigate stress before they reach a breaking point, is key to keeping children safe.

“We allow kids to be kids for a while regardless of whatever stressful situation their family is in,” said Pat Kamler, a volunteer at the nursery for the last twelve years.

The nursery has been open for 29 years, always providing free care and resources to St. Louis area families. The CEO of the Nursery, DiAnne Mueller, says it is a judgment-free place for kids and their parents.

“The violence that's happening in our community, the economy still has not turned around for the families we work with, that kids are in more dangerous situations,” Mueller said. “We want to be able to be that safe haven that they can come 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.”

Mueller says many parents in the St. Louis area have been under increased stress in the last year. From the unrest in Ferguson, to a growing heroin problem, and the continued struggle with poverty, families are turning to the nursery for help.

“We run into so many parents who live in extreme poverty, cut off from own family and they've kind of given up,” Mueller said.

Volunteer Pat Kamler says children are sometimes more stressed as well.

“They come in more stressed to begin with so it takes them a little longer to destress and be able to let go and know they're in a safe place,” Kamler told News 4.

The St. Louis Crisis Nursery continues to expand its services, helping extensively in the months following the turmoil in and around Ferguson, as well as reaching out to the Hispanic community in St. Louis. Mueller says the Nursery needs everyone to pitch in to help. “It takes a village to raise a child, and everyone in our community is part of that village.”

If you'd like to donate to the nursery, or volunteer at one of its five locations or seven outreach center, follow this link for more information:

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