Granite City School District seeks property tax increase -

Granite City School District seeks property tax increase

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The Granite City School District Superintendent said the news of impending layoffs at a local steel plant could put the district's push for a property tax increase in jeopardy.

District officials have been urging voters to support a referendum that the superintendent says would bring in $3.8 million in additional revenue. The district says the new funding is necessary because of state funding cuts, and district officials said extra-curricular activities could be cut if the proposal is voted down.

Wednesday, news broke that Granite City Steel will layoff more than 2,000 employees, something that could cause voters to think twice before supporting the measure. Voters go to the polls April 7.

“The timing is not good, but we will be able to work through this,” said Granite City Superintendent Jim Greenwald. “When we got the news yesterday, we're never pleased when the largest business town is idle. I really do feel as we should stay focused, hopefully, it's going to be temporary.”

Greenwald said under 40 percent of the workforce at Granite City Steel actually live in Granite City. Layoffs will take effect May 28.

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