Brooklyn police officer accused of towing cars to boost family b -

Brooklyn police officer accused of towing cars to boost family business

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BROOKLYN, Ill. ( -

A Brooklyn, Ill. police officer is accused of using his family business to tow cars for the Metro East city in order to boost company and city revenue.

Brooklyn police officer Dean Anderson has been charged with public contractor misconduct and aggravated battery. Prosecutors allege police felt pressure to tow cars to generate money for the police department and tow company that was used by the city, Classic Auto Body, which is owned by Anderson's brother, Michael Anderson.

Brooklyn is often crowded on Friday and Saturday nights because people visit strip clubs. Residents said there often isn't enough parking for everyone.

“I see cars getting towed, two and three tow trucks. Cars are on the back of the truck beds, having them hang off the back of truck. This happens while the police are there,” said resident Dre Freeman. “I know it's around $500 once you get car towed, plus you have to pay the tow fee.”

News 4 sought comment from Brooklyn police, which directed reporter Brittany Noble-Jones to the city attorney. The city attorney declined to comment.

Brooklyn's police chief later told News 4 Anderson was placed on paid leave.

Brooklyn's police department was raided by authorities Wednesday for allegedly mishandling cases and evidence.

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