Group of teens rob shoppers at MetroLink stop near Galleria -

Group of teens rob shoppers at MetroLink stop near Galleria

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Two teen shoppers were walking up Galleria Parkway to the MetroLink station when they were attacked and robbed by a group of 10-15 teenaged suspects, police records show.

The victims, who are students at Roosevelt High School, were robbed of their new purchases from House of Hoops and H&M, but also of a wallet, iPhone, cash, school ID and even the Nike shoes one of the victims was wearing.

One of the victims, who did not want to be identified, said, "People can just look at where you went to and basically how much you spent, depending on the type of bag that you have."

Metro bus rider Randi Carter wondered if the mob of teen suspects were just looking for trouble.

"They'll do little flash mobs on their Facebook. Then they'll come out and meet," Carter said. "And then it's brought back out in public, like they have some kind of beef for somebody. I don't know, it's getting kind of tiresome."

The teen who was robbed said he did not recognize the group and was glad he was not hurt.

Police took a report from the teens and the investigation is ongoing.

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