Law enforcement agencies raid Brooklyn Police Department -

Law enforcement agencies raid Brooklyn Police Department

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The Illinois State Police, St. Clair County Sheriff and officials with the State's Attorney's office were seen carrying equipment out of the Brooklyn, Illinois Police Station Wednesday.

A News 4 photographer was outside the department and saw various law enforcement officials carrying computers, weapons, boxes of equipment and paper materials out of the building.

Sources told News 4's Craig Cheatham said the raid was conducted because of concerns about how the Brooklyn Police Department handled cases and evidence, especially guns.

Allegations against the Brooklyn Police Department include mishandling of evidence. Former detective Chris Heatherly is accused of taking an AR-15 rifle out of an evidence locker and keeping it in the trunk of his car. Heatherly is also accused of posing for a picture with the rifle in hand. The photo was used in a police department calendar.

In a letter, St. Clair County's State's Attorney said the action is flagrant violation of police protocol and said it breached the integrity of the evidence in the case.  The prosecutor also said he would not prosecute any more cases where Heatherly is relied on as a witness, and added the ammunition and suspected drugs that were seized in connection to the investigation involving the AR-15 have not been found.

Sources said Heatherly has resigned. Brooklyn Police Chief Steve Mitchell, who brought the case to the attention of prosecutors, declined to comment on the investigation.

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