Video shows African American officer harassed by protesters in F -

Video shows African American officer harassed by protesters in Ferguson

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Cell phone video shows several protesters hurling racial slurs and other forms of verbal abuse at an African American police officer outside a McDonalds on West Florissant.

“An officer goes for a disturbance involving 40-60 protesters at the McDonalds. They were apparently throwing water bottles and glasses of water. The officer pulls up to the scene and is immediately surrounded by these protesters,” said interim Ferguson Police Chief Alan Eickhoff.

The incident occurred Sunday night. The officer's wife said she was disgusted by what took place.

“I was disgusted. I could not believe that was happening. My husband is the kind of person who loves his community, he actually grew up in Ferguson,” said Nicole Kirkwood, the officer's wife.

Eickhoff said he is not surprised by the video, and says African American officers in Ferguson have been targets since the death of Michael Brown.

“We've all worked the scrimmage lines and see how they focus on the black officers especially. After 20-25 minutes, we pull them off the line for their safety,” Eickhoff said.

Police did not make Officer Kirkwood available for an interview, but Eickhoff said Kirkwood spoke with him.

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