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Possible solution to the problem of bogus tax returns

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(KMOV.com) - The Government Accountability Office reports there is one often overlooked idea that could eliminate a lot of bogus tax returns, but it might mean getting your tax refund later in the year.

Most of the tax return fraud that appears is not when someone steals your actual W2, they just make up the numbers to fill out a fake one. Or a criminal has your Social Security number they simply play with income numbers to maximize a refund.

Those phony numbers are often accepted by the Internal Revenue Service, because the IRS doesn't receive your real W2 information from your employer until most crooks have already filed. The IRS doesn't get that information until March 31 or later.

Before making changes the IRS would need to examine the burden on employers. Meaning, could they get W2's together faster than they already do. In reality, making sure the IRS has your W2 information before paying out a refund could mean changing the tax deadline currently at April 15th.

So, what do you think? Would you be okay if tax season and your refund were delayed until later in the year giving the IRS an opportunity to actually compare it with the return that's filed?

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