Crime down in Jennings over the past four years -

Crime down in Jennings over the past four years

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( – In March 2011 the Jennings Police Department was taken over by St. Louis County Police and officers say great strides have been made in cracking down on crime over the last four years.

Since St. Louis County Police took over the Jennings Police Department, crime has been down 33 percent.

County Police say they have been rebuilding trust in the community by taking place in hot-spot policing. During February's hot-spot policing, four arrests were made in two days.

The commander of the department told News 4 they use a combination of law enforcement and community policing strategies.

“When the call came out for the burglary in progress, we had our officers out doing hot-spot patrols, it was citizens who called us, gave us excellent descriptions of the individuals and we came around the corner and seen them leaving the residence,” said St. Louis County Police Lieutenant Jeff Fuesting.

Lowering crime in the area has been a team effort by the 28 police officers and six supervisors who work out of the station.

Lieutenant Fuesting told News 4 the next problem they hope the tackle in the area is domestic violence.

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