Parents concerned about offensive graffiti on a south St. Louis -

Parents concerned about offensive graffiti on a south St. Louis park

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by Alexis Zotos, News 4

ST. LOUIS (KMOV) – Offensive graffiti covering a south St. Louis park has parents concerned.

On Saturday, children and their families flocked to Bellerive Park to soak in one of the first warm days of spring. But they were greeted with some not so pleasant messages.

“You don't want to see stuff like that when you come around here, you want to enjoy yourself, take pictures and then you've got something like this and it sort of kills it all,” said Mike Fauntlery a parent visiting the park with his two children.

Curse words, derogatory messages and “666” was sprayed painted on the sides of the buildings, the sidewalks and even the playground equipment.

“It's kind of upsetting to see all the kids playing here in the park and to see it, they don't need to be seeing that,” said Celena Monroe who was visiting Bellerive Park for the first time.

Much of the graffiti was upsetting for parents to read, let along having to explain it to their children.

“[My son] can understand certain words but he'd never repeat, and when he sees something like this and questions me I don't know what to tell him,” said Fauntlery.

St. Louis police responded to the park to take a report and while they have no suspects, they are investigating.

City work crews were sent to clean up the graffiti during the day on Sunday.

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