South City residents demanding changes to dangerous intersection -

South City residents demanding changes to dangerous intersection

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Residents of a south St. Louis neighborhood said they are concerned about a dangerous intersection that has been the scene of many accidents.

Residents said they are very concerned about the intersection of Bambuger and Gravois. Roshonda Rodgers' uncle was hit by a car while crossing the street at the intersection.

“He can barely walk, he is trying to get his movement back. It's a struggle with him every day,” Rodgers said.

“I've seen more than 10 accidents in past three months,” said Hussain Alhussanay, the owner of Zozo Mart, a nearby store.

Residents told News 4 the intersection is dangerous because it is at the top of a hill and there are blind sports on both sides for pedestrians and drivers.

“If you're walking sometimes you have to walk out past the cars just to see if traffic is coming to cross the street,” said 15th Ward Alderwoman Meghan Green.

Green said cars blocking driver and pedestrian sight lines are supposed to receive tickets, but she says it never happens. Green told News 4 she will try to make sure tickets are issued and will be meeting with the St. Louis Streets Department to discuss the possibility of installing crosswalks.

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