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Father catches peeping tom preying on daughter

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John Mossman, 35, is charged with stalking an 11-year-old girl in Edwardsville. John Mossman, 35, is charged with stalking an 11-year-old girl in Edwardsville.

It's a father's nightmare, a peeping tom spying into his daughter's bedroom window.

On Wednesday morning, a Metro East dad caught a man peering into his family's home and it wasn't the first time.

“I opened up one blind of my office window, my daughter's window is just one down and I was flabbergasted when I opened up the blinds,” said Paul Vieth.

Vieth took action.

“Luckily my shoes were by the front door, I jumped over my handrail here and I got to the corner of the house where I found him hiding behind the bushes, just on the corner, I chased him through the two neighbors' back yards,” he explained.

He tackled the suspect in his neighbor's alley.

“Once I got on top of him and kept him down, he pretty much gave up,” said Vieth.

But it started last September when his neighbor spotted a man looking in the window, and it continued through the winter.

“There were footprints going up from the sidewalk to her window. They could tell by old prints and new prints there were multiple trips up to the window,” Vieth said.

Police installed a motion activated camera on the family's property and on Wednesday it caught the man going not once, but twice to the window.

Edwardsville police have charged John Mossman, 35, with one count of stalking.

Mossman lives close to the Vieth family. Vieth is relieved Mossman did not go further.

“He knew the routine of her bedtime, he knew the routine of when I went to work, that's one of the scariest things.”

Mossman is an employee of SSM Cardinal Glennon Children's Medical Center and a statement from the center said Mossman was immediately placed on administrative leave once they learned of the incident.

The statement said Mossman "did not have any direct patient care responsibilities" and had passed multiple background checks.

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