Cuts to force some students in Metro East district to walk to sc -

Cuts to force some students in Metro East district to walk to school

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Hundreds of students in the Mascoutah School District who currently ride buses to school may have to walk to class next year.

In a cost cutting move, the district will eliminate bus service for students who live within a 1.5 miles radius of their school. Around 400 students will be affected. The district expects to save $270,000 next year and $300,000 the following year.

“We would want parents to know this is not something that was done lightly,” said Mascoutah Superintendent Dr. Craig Fiegel. “Overall, I think the community has been very understanding that we are looking at all ways to reduce our budget.”

Many parents told News 4 they understand why the cut in service is being made and will support it as long as student safety is paramount.

“I know that we do have a crossing guard at 6th street at the intersection. I would hope they will provide more crossing guards,” a parent said.

Fiegel said the district has spoken to city officials about making the walk to school safer for students.

“We have been working with the city to talk about crossing guards. We met with the city and IDOT to get a four-way stop at 6th and Hartnett, which is a busy intersection between the two schools. There are talks about what we can to do make it as safe as possible,” Fiegel said.

Mascoutah is putting in sidewalks to make the walk safer for students. In one area where safety improvements are not finished, buses will continue to pick up students.

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