One dead after gun battle outside North County bar -

One dead after gun battle outside North County bar

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One person was killed as a result of a gun fight in the parking lot of a North County bar early Tuesday morning.

Police have identified 21-year-old Terron White as the victim in the shooting at Cuetopia Billiards and Sports Bar in the 11000 block of West Florissant around 1:00 a.m. Police say two vehicles, a white SUV and a silver Pontiac, were involved in a gun battle in the bar's parking lot.

White who in the silver Pontiac was hit with gunfire and rushed to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Police said two people who were with the victim at the hospital are being questioned.

This is the second shooting outside this bar since late 2014. In November, Brandon Ferguson, 28, was fatally shot outside of the bar. County police say they have responded to around a dozen calls to the bar since last fall but say that's not unusual but the fact that there have been two homicides is problematic.

Ebony Beattle-Benson is one of the owners of Cuetopia and she says they had just closed their doors when the shots rang out. They have made efforts to keep patrons safe inside but she says the parking lot is a problem.

“There's always some type of issues on the lot,” said Beattle-Benson. “There's only so much we do, we can make sure our patrons are safe when they come in but we're powerless to make sure they're safe going home.”

They have hired off-duty police officers and search every person for a weapon before they enter.

“We have minimal incidents inside,” she explained.

But if there are enough problems, the county can step in.

Greg Quinn, the Director of Revenue for St. Louis County, has the power to revoke a bar's liquor license.

“If there are complaints and police investigate them then we can get involved and possible take some action,” explained Quinn.

If a business is brought to their attention, a letter would go out to the owner and a hearing would take place. But in this case, the majority of the problems are happening in the parking lot, not inside the business.

“That makes it a bit murkier,” explained Quinn.

Beattle-Benson says she wants to work with St. Louis County police to ensure the safety of their guests,

“I think there needs to be more lightening [in the parking lot]. I think there needs to be a collaborative effort of the owners of the shopping plaza and the police,” she explained.

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