Winfield considers annexing businesses, school outside of city l -

Winfield considers annexing businesses, school outside of city limits

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After recently discovering businesses and even the town high school were outside of city limits, Winfield intends to annex the properties, but not all property owners are in favor of the idea.

The clarification on the extent of the city limits has raised questions from police protection and city inspections to taxes and insurance.

"Never been a real fan of annexation of any kind... if we're free and independent out here in the county, let's just stay here," said Andrew Dodd, the owner of Liberty Arms Missouri, whose shop is no longer considered part of the city of Winfield.

Dodd is not the only business owner who told News 4 he would rather not be annexed by Winfield. After finding out he was not inside of city limits, Dodd said his insurance rates have actually dropped.

Rumors spread that businesses outside of city limits would not have police protection, but the Mayor and Police Chief used Facebook to correct the rumor.

"There's not going to be a decrease in law enforcement," said Roschell Eaton, Winfield City Clerk. "Just who can actually respond is county and then county can request us through mutual aid to respond till they can get there."

The city of Winfield still hopes the properties now outside of city limits will agree to be annexed, but said they would look into involuntary annexation if necessary.

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