Parents worried about discarded syringe needles found by kids in -

Parents worried about discarded syringe needles found by kids in Sullivan

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Parents in Sullivan are concerned about hypodermic needles kids are finding outside.

The concern comes after a 7-year-old recently found two needles and got them stuck in his hand. He has to be examined every six months to make sure he does not develop an illness as a result of the needle.

“By the times we got them out of his hand, and we washed his hands, he'd shown us where he had pricked his thumb,” said Alyssa Cash, a relative of the boy. “He's fine as of now, nothing came back on his tests.”

Sullivan police are investigating but are not sure who is responsible for throwing the needles out.

“In the area, we've had some issues with heroin use around with residents around there. Could have easily been somebody who discarded it while walking or driving around in their car,” said Sgt. Patrick Johnson with Sullivan Police.

Sullivan Police have syringes they've collected from around town. The department said the number of discarded needles has increased in recent years, along with the increase in heroin use.

As a result, the new school resource officer at the Sullivan School District is making needle safety a top priority in the DARE program.

“It is such a threat, they are so common on the streets these days. Kids are out playing and finding these needles, so it's very important that these kids have that initial understanding to not touch the needle, and to tell an adult,” said Officer Josh Lovern with Sullivan Police.

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