Brentwood board to vote on texting while driving ban -

Brentwood board to vote on texting while driving ban

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The Board of Aldermen in Brentwood will vote Monday evening on a measure which would ban texting while driving for drivers of all ages.

A Missouri state law currently makes it illegal for drivers under the age of 21 to text while driving, but a new law would make it a crime for drivers of all ages to text while they are behind the wheel.

Chief Dan Fitzgerald of the Brentwood Police Department supports the ban and said that Missouri is one out of only six states in the nation that does not already have a law in place making texting while driving illegal for all drivers of all ages.

"It's almost like driving blind," Chief Fitzgerald said. "You are driving down the street, not watching the road. You are not able to pay attention to anything, any car that would come from a side street. It is extremely dangerous."

The Brentwood Board of Aldermen is expected to vote tonight on the proposed new texting ban at Brentwood City Hall.

News 4 will continue to track developments on the potential texting and driving ban.

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