Person behind phone tax scam speaks to News 4 -

Person behind phone tax scam speaks to News 4

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( – News 4 contacted and spoke to someone who admitted he is behind an IRS scam.

A viewer sent News 4 a robo-call he received from someone supposedly named “Sebastian Brown” who claimed he works at the IRS.

“We have received an arrest warrant against your name for tax evasion,” the person on the phone said.

News 4 called the number that was included in the message, and spoke to person claiming to be Sebastian Brown, asking if there was a way to know if he really was from the IRS.

“Yes we are a scam,” he responded. “We are a scammer, yes, we are.”

When asked if he tried to steal money from people, the person responded ‘yes.”

Federal authorities believe thieves are operating out of India, but they can be difficult to track and nearly impossible to prosecute.

IRS scammers often send emails with grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes. Phone messages may also be worded awkwardly.

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