Boy who almost died at hands of gunman works to walk again -

Boy who almost died at hands of gunman works to walk again

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By Stephanie Baumer By Stephanie Baumer

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) - A Kansas City boy paralyzed from gunshots 10 months ago is working to take his first steps. 

The incredible home video shows Ka’Vyea Curry, 10, working with the help of a series of braces and a physical therapist.

Surveillance video recorded the day in April 2014 when Ka’Vyea nearly died when a gunman fired shots into his father’s car outside a gas station at East 45th Street and Cleveland Avenue.

His father died.

Ka’Vyea barely survived, and for a week he couldn’t eat or drink, and could barely breathe.

“I just tell him if he would have died it would have been worse for everybody. He needs to be here,” said Tanesha Tyson, Ka’Vyea’s mother.

Ka’Vyea is slowing adjusting to life at home with the help of video games and his rabbit Jupiter.

“The ups are that I get to have fun with my bunny. The downs are that I’m going to have to stay like this,” Ka’Vyea said.

Now, though, with the help of braces and a walker, he’s making great strides in his road to recovery.

“It’s hard because he says he wants to be a normal kid and he’s not anymore,” Tyson said.

His mother is adapting too. She had to move into a new house with a wheelchair ramp in Raytown. Every morning she takes apart his wheelchair so it can fit in her tiny car.

Ka’Vyea is going to school every day along with physical therapy. His mom takes care of him full time and is trying to find a way to get a van to help transport Ka’Vyea and his wheelchair more easily. There is a fund to help his family. Click here or email to learn more and donate. 

“If we had a van it would be way easier,” Ka’Vyea explained. “Instead my mom is lifting me out of the car.”

Lifting Ka’Vyea several times a day to take him to school or treatment has taken its toll on Tyson.

In the past few days she’s suffered back pains and even a sprained ankle while trying to carry her son. But the mother only wants what is best for her son.

“Just keep praying for Ka’Vyea, that it will get better,” she said.

There is some other big news for Ka’Vyea. He’s turning 11 this weekend.


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