St. Louis County towns faceoff over sales tax distribution -

St. Louis County towns faceoff over sales tax distribution

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( – Division is emerging between Chesterfield and other St. Louis County towns over how the county distributes its sales tax money.

Under current ordinance, one cent of every purchase in St. Louis County goes into a sales tax pool. The pool money then is distributed to each municipality based on population. Chesterfield has filed a lawsuit saying it wants to pull out of the pool, claiming it is unfair, violates the state constitution, and does not give enough money back to Chesterfield.

In the suit, Chesterfield claims 50 percent of the sales tax money it collected went towards the county pool. Wildwood, Ballwin, and St. Louis County have intervened in the lawsuit in attempt to stop Chesterfield from leaving the pool.

“We would stand to lost $4 million-$5 million and that’s used for paying for police, parks and rec programs, and for salaries,” said Wildwood Mayor Tim Woerther.

Other cities may soon join in the effort to stop Chesterfield’s lawsuit.

“Webster Groves, University City, and Florissant may join us to stop Chesterfield,” Woerther said.

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