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1 In 3 Missourians hacked during Anthem cyber-attack

ST. LOUIS (KMOV.com) – More than 2 million people in Missouri had their personal information hacked during the Anthem cyber-attack earlier this month.

According to the Missouri Department of Insurance, one in three Missourians had their information compromised during the attack.

Anthem said no medical or financial information was stolen during the attack, but names, addresses and social security numbers were.

Anthem users are urged to continue checking their mail to find out if their information has been leaked. Users are also being urged to to enroll for a free credit card monitoring program and register for ID theft alerts.

According to an Anthem, Inc spokesperson, the cyber attack affects current and former members who used their Blue Cross and Blue Shield insurance in a state where Anthem has operated over the last decade.  Blue Cross members from other states who may live in Missouri or access care in Missouri may also be impacted.  These are customers who may be college students in Missouri or someone who was visiting Missouri and saw a doctor in the state.

HealthLink members who live in Missouri and Illinois were not affected by the breach, according to Anthem.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Illinois is not one of the plans owned by Anthem, and customers are not impacted by this data breach.  However, Illinois members of the Federal Employee Program, Medicare and Medicaid and Chip members with Anthem policies may be affected along with Illinois workers who get their insurance from companies based in Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield states.

Customers should go to http://www.AnthemFacts.com? to access free credit monitoring and ID theft insurance. Or call 877-263-7995.

Click here for more information from Anthem’s website. 

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