Parents claim temps too cold at elementary school in Hazelwood -

Parents claim temps too cold at elementary school in Hazelwood

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HAZELWOOD, Mo. ( – A grandmother of two students at Larimore Elementary School in Hazelwood said her grandchildren have to wear hats, gloves, and coats inside the classroom.

Wendy Givans, who is the grandmother of first and fifth grader, said she has been complaining to the Hazelwood School District about the temperatures inside Larimore Elementary School for several days. She said if the roles were reversed and she did not have heat in her home she would be in trouble with social service agencies.

“They would have DFS and everyone up here if I did not have heat, so who is going to call DFS on the school?” Givans said.

Givans told News 4 she has made multiple attempts to contact Hazelwood’s superintendent, but has not had her calls returned.

A district representative told News 4 the school lost power Wednesday morning. When electricity was restored, five classrooms were colder than normal. However, he said those classrooms were within a normal range of 68-74 degrees, and are being monitored.Wang said space heaters were added to four classrooms that had heating problems. 

“Still monitoring, and trying to figure out what needs to be done,” said spokesman Jack Wang.


Wednesday morning Wang told News 4 that all heating issues at the school have been resolved. He said all space heaters have been removed from the affected classrooms and all rooms are at 75 degrees. 

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